The Buying Process

Every Dimond starts as individual plies of carbon fiber. Through an intensive and meticulous process, this carbon fiber is molded into the beam frame, sanded to perfection and painted with acute attention to detail.


That same attention to detail goes into every purchase. Buying a Dimond is a special experience: we want you to ride away on the bike of your dreams. That means every tiny detail, from the rear derailleur to paint, can be customized.

We’ve taken a new approach to the buying process.

We produce the bike you want by working closely with each customer. The possibilities for a custom build are nearly endless. To simplify the process, we have standard builds (Race and Premium), but these are often just starting points.

Already have race wheels or a powermeter you want to use on your Dimond? Great! Add and subtract the components you need for your bike. If you see things you’d like to change, just reach out to us and we’ll work with you to grant your every wish.

1. A deposit is required to put your bike in the production queue. Due to the high demand and our meticulous production process, expect a lead time. Lead time varies throughout the year, so reach out to us if time is of the essence.

2. Your bike is taken from layup, to production, to paint, and finally inspection before it is carefully hand packed. The account balance is due prior to shipping, and within a few short days your bike will arrive at your doorstep ready for the big reveal!

3. The bike is easily set up within a few minutes and will come either pre-fit according to the fit numbers you provided for us, or will come uncut ready to take it to your local bike shop for you to dial it in.

Important note: Please reach out to us for information regarding indoor trainers and how their use may affect your Dimond’s warranty.

Payment Options

Ask us about our flexible payment options and begin crafting your Dimond now.

It takes heat, pressure, and carbon to make a diamond gemstone

Similarly, it takes heat, pressure, and carbon to create the Dimond bicycle. While the physical similarities between the two may end there, one thing is certain; with a Dimond bike, you can be brilliant under pressure.

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