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Dimonds are for Lovers: Chuck & Cali

By February 9, 2017 No Comments

This Dimond love story is a mix of familial and romantic love. Stick with us! First came Rafe Armstrong with his Dimond. Naturally, his brother-in-law, Chuck needed to follow suit. But once Chuck’s wife, Cali, caught the Dimond fever, she had to have one. And that circles us back to Rafe’s wife and Chuck’s sister-in-law, Kathy, who was left out of the fold. Her Dimond was next to be shipped!

Still with us? Perhaps we need to draw a diagram. To simplify matters, everyone in the family now rides a Dimond! Today we focus on Chuck and Cali and their Dimond love story.

1175700_10151531818061685_1687480765_nChuck and Cali first discovered Dimond at the New Orleans 70.3 expo. After Rafe pulled the trigger first, Chuck soon followed. It was his Kona Qualifier gift. Cali wasn’t sold until she accompanied him to Kona and had stars in her eyes after seeing all the gems. The rest is history!

Chuck and Cali are partners for life and in training. Ironman is an integral part of their life. They train and race together, which is no small feat!

It is OUR hobby.  We enjoy having this connection. We see so many people, always without their spouse, training and we are just grateful that we do this together.”

1809_10208381549362770_4359993625964024033_nOf course, when they get tired of each other, they have Rafe and Kathy to team up with, too!

When your training partner is also your spouse, the accountability factor is already built in. You can’t hide from your spouse or fake a sick day! But this power couple also recognizes how important a training partner is when participating in such intensive events.

“When one of us decides  not to train it affects the other one because we train together, so we always have that motivating  factor of not wanting to effect the training of the other person.”

These two are obviously very compatible, but would the age old question of “who is the better triathlete” break their spirits?

Nope! They agreed that they’re very comparable in terms of athleticism and competitive spirit. Both Chuck and Cali have that inner competition that breeds excellent Ironman competitors. Every day is a new chance to one up yourself and better that bike split, run PR or swim fest. And celebrating those personal victories with the one you love by your side makes it so much sweeter. They have met so many other couples and friends along the way that enjoy this same experience.

13718740_10209997781007551_6019249554405212025_nPerhaps the sweetest tid bit that came out of Chuck and Cali’s Dimond love story is their advice for “having it all.” Regardless of your relationship status, career, age, or whether or not you are training for an Ironman or triathlete, they really hit the nail on the head about enjoying whatever hobby or activity your life is filled with:

“It is a balance. If you’re not having fun then you need to change what you’re doing.”