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Dimonds Are For Lovers: Dave & Amy

By February 6, 2017 No Comments

Dave and Amy are quite possibly the cutest couple in triathlon history. And they have muscles galore! If you don’t believe us, check out their pictures from the Kona underwear run. These two lovebirds are next up in our Dimonds are for Lovers series. It’s the month of love, why not celebrate the numerous Dimond couples?

Untitled-1Dave and Amy’s Dimond love story begins with our previous couple, Mary Knott and Dan Beaver. They first learned of the gem from this pair and had a test ride after Smash Camp in Tucson. Of course they were hooked and after a few drinks, the deal was done!

Amy was on tap to get a Dimond as a 40th birthday present and replace her seven year old triathlon bike. But she decided to share the bike love and suggest Dave get one as well. We think they put them to good use with Ironman Texas, Wisconsin, Kona and Arizona under their belts from the 2016 racing season. Clearly a bike gets much more use than a shiny new diamond!

15975031_10154910799209233_1567514189003045984_oAmy and Dave credit triathlon for bringing them together and starting their relationship.

At the time, Amy only did short course triathlons, but after being my Sherpa at IMWI 2009 she decided it would be MUCH easier to just race Ironmans as well!  Training and racing is something we share. It allows us to travel (doesn’t everyone do an Ironman whenever they go to Mexico?) and also maintain and improve fitness. Don’t be fooled though… spousal IRONMAN training is not always a harmonious as you might think it would be!”

This Dimond couple says they’re both self starters and extremely competitive. Though Dave says Amy can get him going when he’s lagging. She’s always self motivated. Perhaps this competitive nature is derived from their disagreement over who is a better triathlete.

Dave’s answer: I think based on natural talent and physical capability Amy will be better. I have been faster in the past, but I think that will change going forward.

Amy’s answer: Clearly Dave takes the win here in 2017 as he re-qualified for Kona back in Madison last year.

14705818_10154620373594233_4532877035882633262_nRegardless of who is actually is the better triathlete, these two clearly have the recipe down to make life, love and Ironman work flawlessly together. What are their keys to success?

  1. With two full-time+ jobs and year-around IRONMAN training… there is really no such thing as balance!  (train, work, eat, sleep… repeat… and cats, Monte and Jasper!)  You also have to be comfortable with a smaller group of friends, hopefully ones that can relate to the training demands.
  2. Be aware… You may be feeling great but your partner might not be. Announcing how great you feel or that you’re killing a workout while your partner is suffering is not a good idea.
  3. You will need to continually practice patience and forgiveness despite being tired and hungry.
  4. Be aware that your partner is not the same as you. What works for you might not be best for them. This is true for nutrition, training volume and intensity, and sleep!