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Dimonds Are For Lovers

By February 15, 2018 No Comments

Jayne & Jimi Young

Love is all around us and we here at The Mine are caught up in the feeling. When two lovebirds say their I dos with a pair of Dimonds, it makes our hearts beat. We asked these Dimond owners how they share the love in their life in and out of sport.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Jayne and Jimi Young
We were married December 2015, in the sands of Kona.
Jayne is a Neurologist and Jimi is a Police Detective, USAT certified coach and Spin Instructor.
We currently live in DeWitt, Michigan.
Once Jimi retires (soon) we plan on looking for a warmer climate…….such as Kona.
Jayne is fantastic in the kitchen – Food Network quality. Her other interests include international travel, family, pets, reading, tennis the beach and sunshine.
Jimi writes and records music. His other interests include travel of all kinds, ocean swims, the beach, weightlifting, golf and downhill skiing.
How did you meet?
We were introduced through a friend who brought Jayne to my spinning class.
Any plans for Valentine’s Day?
I bought Jayne some jewelry from Tiffany &Co. There were some flowers as well.  Unfortunately, we won’t be together for the actual day.  I will be at a triathlon training camp in Tucson.   She arrives later in the weekend so we are hoping for a nice dinner together.
What is your favorite couples destination race and why?
There is nothing more magical than racing Kona and being there as a team. Your hair pretty much stands on end the entire time.  We love the Big Island and travel there frequently. Other favorite destination races include IM Brasil, because of the beautiful beach, the lodging and people and we loved Ironman Los Cabos because of the gorgeous weather, beaches and food.
How do you make it work balancing work, family, and training? 
Ah, this is the hard part….  First of all, to make it work, you need to make each other “number one” and keep it that way.  Mutual respect, constant love and attention are an absolute must. Your partner should NEVER wonder where they fall in the line of your life.  Jayne is extremely busy with work, during normal hours and after hours.   I guess you could say she has NO normal hours.  We swim indoors at5am during the week.  We live on a lake so a lot of summer swims are done in open water.   We do our shorter bikes and runs after work and the weekends are usually consumed by longer workouts.   On those long days, Jayne will do her workout then usually come provide support for me on my long rides and runs.
Jimi has two sons, Grant (21) and Collin (17).  Grant is in the Air Force and currently deployed overseas.  Collin is hoping to be accepted into the US Air Force Academy.  This year will be Jimi‘s 30th full Ironman event.  The boys have been to a bunch of those, including a couple in Kona, so they are very familiar with dealing with race week.  Both boys have also competed in triathlon.
What races do you each have planned for 2018?
Jayne will do an olympic distance triathlon in Canada and possibly a half or full marathon later in the season.
Jimi will take a break from the normal 3-4 140.6 events per year for 2018.  He will be attending a couple training camps as well as hosting one of his own in Louisville.  This fall he is racing the Ironman World Championships in Kona and has an application as well as fingers crossed for an entry into the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii.
What is your biggest triathlon achievement?
Jayne has several podium finished at AG olympic races.
Jimi‘s tops would be multiple Kona qualifications and posting two sub 10 hour Ironmans (non-shortened courses).  He recently ran a 3:25 off the bike in Louisville and has an open marathon PR of 2:57.
What gets you out of bed every morning?
It gets harder every day as we like spending time together.  Being fit for each other and means a lot and starting  early in the day helps.
Rock on, Jayne and Jimi!


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