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A Cut Above

Kyle Buckingham, Champion

By April 20, 2018 No Comments

Kyle Buckingham is new to the Dimond Bikes family this year. He began the 2018 season with a best bike split in 70.3 Phillipines and most recently realized a lifetime dream winning Ironman South Africa in his hometown Port Elizabeth in his 10th consecutive year racing the event. We could not be more excited! Kyle shared some comments with us about his race and his experience riding a Dimond.

What was your mindset on the bike at IMSA?
After 70.3 Philippines 3 weeks before IMSA and having the fastest bike split over there, I was confident that the bike suited me so well and that I was going to be very competitive riding with the boys.

How have the storage features improved your race setup?
Wow, well this is a huge step up for me compared with my previous frames. I used the TOTES compartment for my gas cylinders, Allen wrenches etc. which made it so easy not to worry about where am I going to put this on my bike to try maximize aerodynamics.
I used the lunchbox for all my bars and gels, and I was able to get EVERYTHING in there. Just over 2000 calories of nutrition which is massive!!!! For the first time, I rode with 2 bottles on the front of my aero bars which worked out so well (similar style to Jesse Thomas) I had the Profile Design aero bottle back to front and another bottle in front of that. I did have a bottle cage on the back of my saddle just in case I needed to pick up more water but I never used it. I didn’t want to put anything on the down tube just to maximize the aerodynamic advantage of the frame.

What do you notice about the ride quality of the Dimond?
I’ve really put a lot of work on my bike training recently, but one thing that has really stood out is that I’m so comfortable on the Dimond and that the confidence of the speed that I’m producing in training has been significant.
I’ve been experiencing in training how comfortable the ride is on rough sections of road without the seat tube. It makes a huge difference when I get on the run when I don’t have that shaky leg feeling from the road.

What does your power data suggest about the aerodynamic performance of the Dimond? 
I noticed that in the 70.3 Philippines I averaged the same power to last year but rode about 3mins faster!!! I have said to everyone that I believe the Dimond is 1.2-1.5 KM/h faster in training and racing than my previous bikes, and this is from all my training I’ve done at home on the same courses to my previous years. I believe 100% that the Dimond saves me 10-15 watts to a normal frame.

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