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D.O.B. September 13, 1981


OCCUPATION Pro Triathlete & Head Coach at Top Step Training


Jesse Vondracek is an up-and-comer in the pro triathlon circuit. He achieved his pro card in 2009 at CapTriTex in what he calls his proudest moment. After getting off the bike in fourth, he squeaked out a third place during an epic sprint finish. He says that moment and receiving his pro card was life-changing.

Jesse lives in tri-town USA: Tucson, Arizona with his wife and two dogs. It may have the most Dimonds per capita. He chose Dimond because it handles the rough roads and terrain beautifully and offers the most comfortable ride. Plus, it’s pretty fast.

Like so many pro and amateur triathletes, Jesse lives for the struggle of Ironman racing. He experiences this personally as he prepares for a race, but also enjoys it from a coaching perspective. Jesse says he loves nothing more than helping someone get to that finish line in the best shape possible. Jesse is the head coach at Top Step Training.

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