Dimond Tri Bike X-Cut


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The Dimond X-Cut brings the same aerodynamic properties and ride quality of the original Dimond at a more affordable price. This “pick-up-and-go” bike comes as a frameset or complete build. Email a Speed Consultant for a custom quote.



Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 9 in

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large


Frameset, X-Cut


Blue, Green, Red, Slate, Pink, Yellow

4 reviews for X-Cut

  1. Jack

    I absolutely LOVE my Dimond bike. Super smooth and responsive. Just be prepared for all of the looks and questions you’ll get in transition before and after your race. I tortured myself about what bike I was going to buy and I can certainly say that I’m completely satisfied with my decision. Thank you Chris and all of the guys at Ruster for all of the help.

  2. cmulford

    The Dimond bike is simply amazing! My first ride on it was a hundred miler and I never felt better after a long ride in my life. It soaks up rough roads without any need to stop pedaling to lift off the saddle. You don’t even notice the flex in the beam but you can feel in your hands and feet what your butt is being saved from. One of these days I fear I may cause an accident when people stop paying attention to what they are doing to check out the bike that just went by. I love meeting other racers that can’t get enough of the bike and want to hear all about it.

  3. IronGiant

    I have dreamed of riding a beam bike since I fell in love with the sport in the early 90’s. Sadly they begin to disappear over time. Sadder still I could not find anything to fit my giant frame. Talk about perfect timing for the Dimond release. I am happy to say that for this 6’7″ giant the Dimond is the most comfortable bike to pilot. Not to mention it is quite the eye catcher. I highly recommend this bike for any of my taller brethren.

  4. longhornsone

    I have been looking at the bike since fall of 2013. I finally pulled the trigger in Jan 2014 (went with the frame set as I already had Zipp wheels). My beautiful baby finally arrived in April. Chris was fabulous throughout the process keeping me up to date on the progress of the frame. Chris and the other Dimond folks interacted with my local shop throughout the build process with multiple tips. My first ride was a 70.3 (averaged 1.5mph better than the previous year). Smooth ride. Sadly, I was hit by a car a week later and crushed the frame. Chris and his team built a new frame ASAP and I raced IM Coeur D’Alene in June. Bike was great up the hills and especially into the wine!! Couldn’t be happier.

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