Don’t be fooled by Alyssa “All Day” Godesky’s smiling face. She is a fierce competitor on the pro female circuit. She started her racing career in 2006, and really made her mark with a first place win at Beach2Battleship in 2014. Perhaps her biggest accomplishment is pulling off two back-to-back, sub-10 Ironman finishes in 2015. Did we mention these were 8 days apart and in two different countries?

Her passion for the sport and pushing others to do their very best is evident with her coaching work on Team HPB. Alyssa also co-hosts the WiSP Sports IronWomen podcast. When she isn’t traveling across the world to race or competing in ultramarathons, Alyssa can be found in Charlottesville, VA checking out the local breweries or taking in the views of a new trail.


June 13th, 1985


Severna Park, Maryland


Pro Triathlete & Coach

Racing Since