Carla Schubiger had a later start in triathlon but she quickly learned the ropes and went all in for Ironman. She has been a powerhouse in the age group circuit and we are pleased to add her to our female roster during her first pro year. Like so many of the Dimond Club members, Carla is devoted to another career as well as racing pro. She spends much of her time in the lab while she works as a postdoctoral scholar at Oregon State University.

Carla can easily tick off why she chose Dimond as her trusty racing steed: comfort, style and speed. Most importantly, she has the engine to make it go fast! We saw her work during Kona 2016 when she finished in the top five of her age group. She says this is the proudest triathlon moment, made all the more special with her family there to cheer on her success.

She currently resides Corvallis, Oregon with her dog. Carla hates feeling bored and fills her days with full time work, training, coaching other triathletes, writing research grants…and catching a few moments of sleep in between. She has a hectic race schedule in 2017 with Norsemen Xtreme in Norway as her A race. Carla is looking forward to pushing her grit in training and says racing is just the icing on the cake!


November 30, 1976




Veterinarian, Anatomical Pathologist

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