Kelly O’Mara bulks up our female pro club, and we couldn’t be more excited! This is her first year as a pro, and she has some big plans for her Ironman future. She boasts a pretty hefty non-racing resume as well, with her byline attached to Freeplay Magazine, ESPN W, her local NPR station and WiSP Sports.

Kelly took a few years off from racing and came back to the sport two years ago. She has persisted and perhaps her biggest accomplishment is winning the amateur race at Wildflower in 2016. Her win came after a bad race two weeks prior and extreme heat on race day. She’s using this forward momentum to achieve a successful first pro year, one that she says is all about incremental progress.

Kelly chose Dimond because she wants to leave nothing to chance. She wants to compete at the highest level, and that includes riding the fastest bike out there. Her mindset is one of a champion. Kelly says she enjoys doing things that are as complicated as they can be. That certainly fits the Ironman description. She even dared to say she would be down to add more legs to triathlon. Swim, bike, run…surf, anyone?

Kelly lives in San Rafael, California with her husband and cat, Tupac Sha-purr. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and her blog.


June 6, 1985


Chicago, Illinois


Pro Triathlete, Writer & Reporter

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