The crown jewel of the Dimond lineup. Premium quality, superior performance, unsurpassed aerodynamics. Find your brilliance.

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No compromises. The same aerodynamics and performance you expect from Dimond, with a smaller price tag.

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About The Dimond

The Dimond builds on superbike designs from the golden age of cycling innovation and takes a focused approach at optimizing aerodynamics for enhanced performance. The end result is a bicycle that allows you to go faster than on any other triathlon bike.

Wind Tunnel Data

Data is only as powerful as it is reliable, and we don’t throw around the superlative phrase “world’s fastest bike” lightly. The Dimond tested faster at every yaw angle than either of its two closest competitors. What does this mean for you? A new bike PR.

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Designed to cut through the high winds on the Queen K and gain you minutes over traditional triathlon bikes.

Ride Quality

Climbing the French Alps or crushing the rough roads of Tucson, our unique beam design perfectly combines efficiency and comfort to get you home faster and allow you to stay in the aero position.


We offer custom builds and paint for the Brilliant line. If you don’t see exactly what you need in one of our Brilliant builds, contact us and we can set it up the way you want.


Every Dimond starts as individual plies of carbon fiber. Through an intensive and meticulous process, the carbon fiber is molded into the beam frame, sanded to perfection and painted with acute attention to detail.

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