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Dimond bikes was born in the summer of 2011 when professional Ironman triathlete and industrial engineer, TJ Tollakson, won his first Ironman at Lake Placid New York on a modified and re-branded Zipp 2001 beam bike manufactured in 1996. This 15 year old bicycle was wind tunnel tested as one of the fastest bicycles. Tollakson used his knowledge of these wind tunnels and connections with employees at Zipp to procure and modify the bike for racing. Tollakson tried to convince Zipp to start manufacturing the bikes again. After Zipp declined interest, they offered support. Tollakson and few Zipp employees set off on a course to re-launch a beam bike. By May of 2012,  the first prototypes were designed, and in August of 2012 Tollakson raced the one and only Ironman NYC on his first prototype frame. In November of 2013, the first production Dimond out of the Dimond Mine (factory) in Des Moines, IA was launched at Ironman Arizona along with the wind tunnel reports confirming its spot at the top of the list of “fastest bikes”.

In March of 2014, bikes began shipping from the Dimond Mine in Des Moines, IA all over the world. Tollakson himself won the 2014 Ironman North American Championship in Mont Tremblant Canada aboard his Dimond. Just two months later in October, 22, Dimonds were ridden at the Ironman World Championship cementing the brand as a success.


At the Ironman World Championship in 2016, Dimond launched the Marquise frame offering improved aerodynamics along with refined integrated storage solutions. Two years later at the 2018 Ironman World Championship, Dimond launched a disc brake version of the Marquise frame. 

Six years after the production launch of the first Dimond frame at Ironman Arizona, Dimond launched the pinnacle of aerodynamics in the new Mogul frame, which is the fastest bicycle ever tested by Dimond in the wind tunnel. Two years in development, the Mogul combines superior aerodynamic underbody improvements with the class leading integration of the Marquise. The 2020 model year production of the Mogul will only see 25 of these frames hit the market and each frame will be hand built and numbered in limited edition production straight out of Des Moines, IA. Following in the footsteps of the Mogul, Dimond concurrently launched two other frames with the Carbonado and Trilliant. The Carbonado is a frame offering beam bike technology and class leading aerodynamics at an entry level price point available in rim or disc brake models and 1x drivetrain builds only. The Carbonado is modern and elegant offering unapologetic performance for pure, nasty, American born, speed! The Trilliant offers the storage solution of a TOTES (Tools and Technical Equipment Storage) box on the lower of the frame but without the built in storage on the beam, providing a package for athletes to receive similar aerodynamic performance of the Marquise in a disc brake only frame with a removable front derailleur hanger.


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