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The Dimond Story

Bringing back the golden era of the superbike

The vision of Dimond Bikes started with a radical idea to bring back the golden era of superbike designs with a redesign of the Zipp 2001. TJ Tollakson began racing Ironman events on this frame and was soon convinced of the merit of beam bikes as an optimal design.

Though the Zipp 2001 went out of production 13 years prior, it was still proving to be the fastest triathlon bicycle in recent wind tunnel tests. With a taste of innovation and a deep-seated idea, the Rüster Sports team embarked down the path of creating the Dimond Bike.

The prototypes

The first prototypes took many long nights in the shop, but the team finally started producing renditions of the original superbike. The design of the Dimond was refined repeatedly and renovation began to create a state-of-the-art carbon fiber manufacturing facility, now branded the Dimond Mine. By November 2013, the Dimond superbike was released to the public with wind tunnel data confirming its place at the top of the list of “fastest bikes”.

Though still in its early years, the innovation of the Dimond Bike has never stopped. Our Kona bike count climbs year after year. More and more triathletes, from amateur to pro, are convinced of the power of the Dimond after only one test ride.

Made in the USA

Through it all, we have maintained our made in the USA philosophy. Every frame is proudly manufactured in-house. Yes, this takes time, money and patience, but the result is revolutionary products that are produced as a result of brilliant minds and passionate people working together every day.

Housing every moving part, from our speed specialists and engineers to our dedicated production team, under the same roof means every single Dimond miner has a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the Dimond Bike. In return, our riders receive the best customer service, imperative knowledge of the Dimond and an assurance of a flawless, superb product.

It takes heat, pressure, and carbon to make a diamond gemstone

Similarly, it takes heat, pressure, and carbon to create the Dimond bicycle. While the physical similarities between the two may end there, one thing is certain; with a Dimond bike, you can be brilliant under pressure.

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TJ Tollakson

Founder & CEO

Matt Cymanski

Chief Engineer

Eric Greenley

Chief Operating Officer

Liz Bryant

Office Manager

Laura Eisenman

Speed Consultant

Timothy Rhoads

Shipping Manager

Troy Cheek


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