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(Tools Or Technical Equipment Storage) The TOTES was designed specifically for your flat kit and multitool storage. The compartment is located above the BB cluster. The TOTES improves aerodynamics and will save you fixing that unexpected flat on those long training or race days. Your significant other will be happy to hear they don’t have to pick you up anymore because you left your flat kit at home.

Suggested contents: 1x Tube, 2x Tire Lever, 2x CO2 Cartridges, 1x CO2 Inflater Adapter, 1x Small multitool


Ride faster and safer with the power of disc brakes. Strong and reliable calipers act on hub-mounted metal rotors to your bike even the worst conditions. Precise control gives an improved element of safety to your training rides and races. Wheels become unbridled by brake tracks which makes the wheel-tire interfaces more aerodynamic than their rim brake counterparts.

Thru-Axle technology replaces the common QR skewer with a stout 12mm bolt. Thru-Axles fix wheels securely into the frame and result in easier wheel alignment. They also provide a profound increase in lateral stiffness, improving your pedaling efficiency by transferring more of your pedaling power into forward motion.


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