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The most visually apparent feature of the Mogul is the one giving you the most aerodynamic gain. The extreme shape of the Mogul’s downtube cowls the front wheel and forces air flow to remain laminar across the entire body of the bike. Uninterrupted air means ultra smooth, laminar flow and lowest-ever drag force. The Mogul rules in any wind condition, but performs exceptionally well in cross-headwinds.


Large enough to fit your whole lunch in. Almost three times the size of most storage systems, the Lunch Box is an integrated bento cleverly built in to the beam behind the stem. The volume is significant, size Medium and Large hold approximately 700mL, (Small and X-Small: 550mL) which fits:

13 Gels

8 Cliff Block Sleeves

6 PowerBars

2 Gel Flasks


(Tools Or Technical Equipment Storage) The TOTES was designed specifically for your flat kit and multitool storage. The compartment is located above the BB cluster. The TOTES improves aerodynamics and will save you fixing that unexpected flat on those long training or race days. Your significant other will be happy to hear they don’t have to pick you up anymore because you left your flat kit at home.

Suggested contents: 1x Tube, 2x Tire Lever, 2x CO2 Cartridges, 1x CO2 Inflater Adapter, 1x Small multitool


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