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D.O.B. June 7, 1990

HOMEWOTN Fort Collins, CO

OCCUPATION Data Scientist & Professional Triathlete


Erik Peterson may not have earned his professional license as quickly as those he's competing against, but don't count him out for it! The decade it took Erik to steadily work from being a "middle of the pack" age grouper to professional triathlete has given him a variety of experience and knowledge that has helped give him an edge against his competition. Since earning his professional license he has continued his steady improvement,  recently earning a position in the PTO world rankings. Keep an eye out for him in the future as he continuous to work hard and move up the field!

Erik became a Dimond convert when his previous bike was having mechanical issues during an AP Racing camp in the Rocky Mountains.

"As the group was leaving to ride the Copper Triangle I realized my Di2 battery somehow drained overnight and wouldn't shift. Thankfully, Andy let me borrow his Marquise Disc. I didn't tweak the fit at all, just swapped the pedals and went out. It was a little awkward riding a bike fit to someone else, but when I got used to the aggressive position it was honestly more comfy than my bike. It felt a lot faster too. The Copper Triangle is a very popular ride and I managed to get on a few Strava leaderboards riding solo. The biggest thing for me was the handling and braking though, I would never have taken those descents like I did on my open mould rim brake bike. That was the main selling point I brought up to my fiancee when explaining why I needed a new bike too!"

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