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D.O.B. 1983

HOMETOWN Salamanca, Spain

OCCUPATION Firefighter


Michael has been a pro triathlete since 2016, he started racing as an age grouper following the steps of his brother. Before of all this stuff, Michael was a semi-professional soccer player in Spanish 2nd and 3rd Division. After that, he became a professional firefighter in 2011 and decided to train for triathlon.

Michael is a firefighter, and lives in Salamanca with his wife, two children and his beautiful dog. He loves his Dimond because of the stiffness of the frame, it's very fast, and you don't find one easily, which makes you someone special, riding something really special.

2014: debut, Challenge Roth, 16th overall, 1st 30-34 GGEE, firefighter world champion 8:52
2014: Ironman Barcelona 8:43 qualified for Kona, 2nd 34-35 GGEE
2015: Ironman Texas 9:00, big crash in the bike.
2017: Ironman Frankfurt 8:40, 19th overall
2017: Ironman Arizona 8:19, 4th overall
2018: Ironman Arizona 8:25, 7th overall
2019: Challenge Taiwan 8:36, 2nd overall
2021: Ironman Lake placid 8:53, 9th overall