TJ Tollakon is the OG Dimond Bikes owner and the accomplished CEO of Ruster Sports. Tollakson began racing in 2001 and proved himself a force to be reckoned with on the bike course. He was made even faster with the first rendition of the Dimond bike in 2013. TJ is a proud husband and father to two children. You can find him pounding the pavement of Des Moines, Iowa or tinkering with his newest idea at the Dimond Bikes headquarters.

TJ has 10 Ironman podium finishes under his belt, with his favorite being his Mont Tremblant victory. After a bumpy road filled with surgeries and numerous setbacks, TJ used this race to prove he is at his prime and leads the pack. The boss continues to accomplish great things. His latest accolade is an IM PR of 8:04:17 at IM Arizona.


August 12th, 1980


Des Moines, Iowa


Professional Triathelete

Racing Since